Entrepreneurially minded and driven by stories, I am a digital content producer, audience development lead and journalist who tells stories in video, audio and words. I am currently a Forbes Contributor and Head of Digital Production at Attitude Magazine.

Speaker at Mindshare agency day about how and why to invest in podcast advertising

My work and career progression in the media, marketing and journalism sector has been recognised by the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2020, the UK Radio Academy‘s 30 Under 30 list in 2019, and four nominations for the British Podcast Awards.

I create and develop audiences using content series, investigations and documentaries – building relationships, with stories, between publishers, brands and people.

I am a regular speaker on industry panels contributing my experience on bringing diversity into podcasts, developing an audience and branded content marketing. I have also been a judge for UK industry awards such as the British Podcast Awards, Audio Production Awards and the prestigious ARIAS.

I am a regular public speaker sharing my industry experience alongside personal stories about LGBT+ life, living with a hidden disability and mental health.

Video, Podcasts, Digital Content

Evan Davis and Jamie Wareham at a live edition of the #QueerAF national student pride podcast
Interviewing BBC Broadcaster Evan Davis at a live edition of the #QueerAF  podcast

My debut short film documentary Kris: The Power Of Support,’ funded by Npower and described by Evan Davis as ‘very moving.’ It tells the story of a disabled gay man who found empowerment in his identity and started a disabled access fitness class, and despite an impacted film festival run due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was selected for international festivals.

I executive produce the #QueerAF podcast, which is the British Podcast Awards recognised project that commissions, mentors and pays young LGBT+ students, graduate, and reporters. This has received four nominations at the British Podcast Awards, across two years including for the prestigous ‘Moment Of The Year’ award.

Signposted by industry leaders and projects like Acast’s ‘Aclass,’ it aims to give under-represented queer voices into audio and podcasts. I mentor reporters and producers through the pitch, production and distribution of their sound-designed storytelling podcast episode.

Public Speaking and Specialisms

Jamie Wareham journalist podcast digital content producer queeraf lgbt
Speaking at a Gay Star News event

Alongside my production and strategy skills, I specialise in speaking about young voices, LGBT+ rights, making technology more human, hidden disabilities, and mental health – both in my stories and in public speaking.

Notable stories and specialisms in my bylines include investigative series on chemsex, stories on ‘ultra-conservative’ extremist groups, transgender rights, and with sexual assault survivors.

From a personal perspective, I have given a number of talks about my hidden disabilities, my mental health and being LGBT+.

My professional experience

Filming with a Canon C300, for a Eurovision travel campaign for the Rotterdam Tourist Board

Starting my career with eight months in social media management followed by three years of audio production with roles in journalism, presenting, producing and managing events at AudioBoom.

Since leaving AudioBoom I’ve been helping brands and clients create audio stories and podcasts. I am available to help produce, edit and develop an audience for your podcast.

Headhunted from AudioBoom to emulate the success of my pro-bono work with National Student Pride, I joined Gay Star News as the Young Voices section editor delivering audio, video and multimedia storytelling.

Quickly advancing to our Video Production Manager, I began coordinating our Digital Pride festival and events. After developing a strategy to lead our video and audio output, I was promoted to Head of Broadcast.

I took this strategic approach to Attitude Magazine‘s new role, Head of Digital Production. Where I ran branded content campaigns for Jaguar, launched new editorial video series including the successful LGBTQ Slang Challenge – and help the brand begin its pivot to digital.

Personal Profile

Jamie Wareham production manager director video
Directing a same-sex dance video for Pink Lady Apples displayed on screens around the world – including in Times Square.

Growing up in the very average suburban commuter belt town of Basingstoke in the UK, struggling with being gay as a kid – I am passionate about the power of LGBT+ stories abilities to give young queer and beyond the binary youth a sign in our confusing world they are OK.

Hit with significant health difficulties aged 17, and now living with hidden disabilities and long term conditions, I am keen to tell stories about people with disabilities whether they are invisible, physical or mental health.

Passionate about the power of social media and new technologies to empower our lives, I also hope my storytelling can inform audiences about how and why they should want technology to be ‘more human.’

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