Here are my final plans for my blog project.

I’m going to post between 5 and 7 article style posts posts over 3 weeks that will include a mix of:

  • How the food is awful
    • How and if it improves
    • What steps I took
  • Context:
    • Horse Meat
    • NHS Budget Cuts
    • Happieness/Wellbeing
    • Other Health Scares

Then a series of shorter posts and galleries as round ups:

  • Instagram/Photo Galleries
  • Cooking Video
  • Revelations: Like teaching them how to cook pasta well.

I am going set up a Instagram profile and install a widget on the blog to display pictures as they go live. I’ve also installed a Submit tool so people can send in their own experiences and pictures of bad hospital food.

The blog is live (But currently empty) on I built it using the content management system.

I plan to start releasing context next week. I am going to use the Publicise tool (in the Jetpack plugin) to bounce content out to a Twitter & Facebook account too.