So we’re nearly at the end of my 3 week stay in hosptial. And its fair to say the food has drastically improved – But only when I go to the Kitchen to pick it up myself. And its not been without problems.

At one point I was served a Spaghetti Bolognaise that taste just fine, but the Spaghetti was in a slab. So I went back to the kitchen and asked the chef if he could do me some more. He more than obliged infact, he invited me into the kitchen to discuss my dietry needs. I even taught him the trick of rinsing pasta and rice after cooking to remove the bad sticky starch – A Revelation to him (Which I thought was a given on the back of all of all Pasta & Rice backs, but apperently not).

Interestingly the ‘diet’ kitchen wasnt massively large but catered for 100 patients. So its clear the diet chef was a busy bee, but the fact he had time to re-make food when it wasn’t good enough shows there is no reason to rush.

But Lunch time still hasn’t improved. Literally On the ward the food is awful, when I pick it up from the kitchen and come face to face with the chef the food is more than average at times enjoyable would you believe it. The choice from the staff canteen which changes everyday is refreshing too.

Before I “leave” I’ll let you know what arrangements I get put in place so other patients can ‘potentially’ benefit and explore how easy it is to cook a decent meal with less equipment than the industrial ‘diet’ kitchen. Keep an eye on! And if you have an experience: Submit it!