Some TV shows are beginning to engage the audience with a 2nd screen, this is where my first idea came from – Xfactor Live app – Second Screen app: Here is a list of features that could be included

  • Both on samsung TV and Phone,
  • Built with HTML 5 so its accessible from all devices.
  • Create your own screen,
  • Create your own Xfactor,
  • Have top tweets, polls,
  • Bonus commentary,
  • Other features to watch during VTs,
  • Watch back and skip the bits you want to miss
  • Apps within apps
  • Gamify it ‘Best xfactor watcher’ is it the same shots as the producer picks

The next idea comes from the idea above but focuses on the show on 6music that is playlisted based on what the discussion on social media is like. For example this week the subject was David Bowie. The audience are encouraged to tweet and comment on Facebook all week. With ‘Now Playing’ built around its interaction on Social media I think an app where you could interact with the shows many facets and other fans in one place could be a real place to create a sense of community around the show.

As radio doesn’t generally have a screen this idea is more of a 1st screen app Now Playing on 6Music – 1st Screen App:

The idea is to pull in the Facebook polls, the twitter discussion, and other user-generated content and interaction like photos and put them in one place. However this space would also create the opportunity for brand new and unique content, like Top of the Pops 2 style facts, music videos of the songs playing or a web cam look into the studio. It would be similar in style to a live blog, with instant updates but instead of just information given to you its updates would be a mix of info and interaction opportunities.

The biggest challenge for any platform like this is to pull people away from their relative safety of Facebook and Twitter; If the app was ‘gamified’ offering users listening points, quizzes to increase their points, mini games & points for being in the winning poll categories, or having the most original ideas that are picked to play on air etc. This space can then each week create an on air feature with the most dedicated ‘Depeche Mode’, ‘T.Rex’ or ‘David Bowie’ super fan is announced.

This platform, that if built with responsive modules with HTML5, could be available (with the stream) to create a space available to all phones, tablets and computers in the same way; Where people come and stay, or like a live blog keep open and come and go to whilst doing other things online.

This space could then take on a life of its own, offering the chance for the show’s conversation to continue all week. The module for users to have another place to submit their ideas and suggestions and for things like the Spotify playlists and 6Musics Last.Fm account to be embedded to create a space where listening happens all week round.

The other idea i thought about initially when we were given this brief was a Whistle Blower app

A Mix of Tumblr, Wikileaks, Instagram and 4Chan where users submit pictures and evidence of bad practice. The idea is to aggregate what is already a lot of pictures and posts about Mal practice and put them into a place where people can see the problem as a whole rather than their individual problem. The concept derived from my time in hospital and the bad hospital food I received every day.