My initial idea has come from my experience of Hospital Food. 3 weeks of hospital food is bad enough but knowing I may continue to be in and out, and having been in and out of Hospital for the best part of 3 years, I’m personally at the end of my tether with it.

The last time I was in I began the fight, to improve my meals so that they were, at least hot and edible, the majority of what I was served on the ward did not fit the requirements of my diet. I was in Southampton General Hospital, a specialist Nutrition hospital, and their specialist nutrition diet for those patients who struggle with certain food or the way food is cooked, the intestinal failure diet, is not adequate to its own standards.

Screen shot from BBC Website Operation Hospital FoodThe reason I picked to tackle this subject now is two-fold. Firstly as I have the content, when I was in I took a picture of every meal served to me. Secondly because it is topical; hospital food has always been notoriously bad but recently programmes like ‘Operation Hospital Food’ with James Martin and other celeb chefs and news stories like:

I plan to do a blog that re-creates my time in hospital. At first instance this sounds quite dull, however i intend to focus it on my time in Hospital and the food I got, glazing over any health issues. I know that there is scope in the story as it doesn’t start bad and stay bad, different things, actions and changes I suggested were implemented and did change the quality in meals. I have also since spoke to the dietician since leaving and know that things have since fallen back to old habits without me there shouting about it. I’m hoping she will supply me with another disenfranchised patient who will be able to tell me about her experience too (Who is currently in hospital).

I am concerned about the content mix as this is not a photo journalism project, the pictures were taken on a mobile phone and although good enough quality, are not great quality. It is also not just a blog, which in itself wouldn’t be sufficient enough. I think I may make it more of a multimedia project and use things like short audio slide shows or using Taggstar and Thinglink to add more details to pictures. I’m also wondering whether this might work on a timeline tool, maybe with something like Dipity.

As for what else is out there I did find a blog via the Campaign for better Food site, which is a spin-off from the Sustain Web campaign group. On that blog he discusses his experiences from past and present in his 30 years of experience of being a patient.

After speaking to Jim I think his idea to include wider debates into my story, including processed and horse meat stories would benefit and build the story of the blog.