So we’re established, the food is pretty lame. The choice isn’t extensive. And I’ve rather exhausted the options I do have.

When the dietician and the person in charge of the ‘Diet Kitchen’ – that makes me food ‘fresh’ so the carbs aren’t re-heated – come to see me they ask, Well what more variety can we give you? I reel off many items that the first dietician gave me on my last discharge. Pork, Noodles, Chinese Sauces, Pasta, Cream based sauces, Salmon, Easy to digest Veg (Like courgettes). From this; we agree I can order ‘Pasta Bakes’ with Chicken and Broccoli. The rest was against ‘Trust Policy’ to do. Anyway, here is two versions of the pasta bake I received at lunch and then over the weekend:

2013-01-10 13.19.12 2013-01-18 13.16.16

Neither Quite a Bake, nor quite consistent. Neither were particularly hot either.

As for the fact I’m yet to have a hot meal, I’m promised my Sweet and Sour Chicken I will receive that night will be hot and brought up straight away. A special effort is promised. I am elated, Hot food? Yum! But I explain, this is only a victory if it’s not a special effort but is made standard practice. Whats the chance that it will continue?

But here is to victory number one, a Sweet (And Piping Hot) Victory. Sour to ensue on Monday. As the NHS Shuts down for the weekend, so will we. Where are the Weekend Staff?

2013-01-10 17.39.30