Best Journalist

Awarded by the Student Radio station Smoke Radio, this was given to me because of my long work with student radio show ‘Punk and Politics‘. It became the premier news and journalism show on the station, was a key part in setting the news agenda during the student union elections and its investigative journalism led to a financial investigation that led the student union splitting with a loss making events firm.

One of the stories it broke, about an Islamic Scholar with homophobic and misogynistic views speaking on campus, was a large featured in national newspapers. The show was a large part of the news gathering process for the Times article, the evidence collated and presented an in-depth and balanced show about what actually happened at the event with Dr Haddad, informed the debate about this on campus and at other universities.

The show has also been recognised for its ability to mix news, journalism and specialist music. Covering events like Oxjam, panel events and gigs.

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