Best Specialist Music Show

Awarded by the Student Radio station Smoke Radio, this was given to me because of my work with student radio show ‘Punk and Politics‘. The show won this award in its first year, up against specialist shows that had been established for three years.

The music policy ranged from classic punk, to pop punk and new rock. The reason our policy was so succesful was because we championed new and rising pop punk bands, some of which went on to be featured in Kerrang! and other music magazines. We also focused our celebration of music on the University of Westminster’s own bands. The music department essentially works as a record label that gives new artists the opportunity to thrive, when there is so much exciting music happening, on campus, why look much further?

The show has also been recognised for its ability to mix news, journalism and specialist music. Covering events like Oxjam, panel events and gigs.

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