Forbes Contributor

I write for, on LGBT+ lives – with a focus on Europe

I was invited to join the Forbes contributor scheme in September 2019 to write within their ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ stream, with a particular focus on LGBT+ and disabled lives.

Notably, many of my contributions have been picked by Forbes editors for inclusion on homepages and in weekly Forbes newsletters – in particular for the ‘globally curious’ newsletter The Memo.

I use my weekly posts to write about breaking LGBT+ news:

Technology that is helping LGBT+ people connect:

Features that understand global and national trends, with a focus on their impact on LGBT+ lives:

SEO focused pieces aimed at helping employers and employees foster better lives for their LGBT+ staff

How political decisions change the rights of the U.K. LGBT+ community:

And features planned and grounded in key moments throughout the year, that are important to the LGBT+ community:

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