Gay Marriage Package

We were set the task of achieving a 3:30min max Radio Feature with a minimum of three interviewees. We could do any subject but had to convince our module leader for it to be ‘commissioned’ first.

Gay Marriage Package by Jamie Wareham on Mixcloud

Gay Marriage/Jamie PCKG (March 2012)

The government last week began a consultation on how to open up civil Marriages to Gay couples. The subject which has split the church and politicians has strong views on both sides. But just how important is this for the government and will they face difficulty passing any changes to marriage law. Jamie Wareham explores:

[CLIP] IN: In the same week a Government consultation was launched to explore how. . .
OUT: . . . no longer be exclusive to between a Man and a Woman.”
DUR: 3’30”

BACK: The Government is urging religious organisations, local authorities, family and LGBT charities to respond to its consultation on the home office website which closes on the 14th of June.

In This piece (in order of appearance):
David Nuttall MP
David Burrowes MP
Bethan James BBC Political Correspondent
Richard Smith Stonewall UK
Sharon Ferguson Metropolitian Community Church
Metropolitian Community Church Congregation

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