Head of Digital Production

Lead on production and audience development of video and audio at Attitude Magazine

I joined the team at a key point in the magazine’s 25-year history, as it decided how much it pivoted to digital as part of securing the brands future.

Within just six weeks of joining Attitude:

I delivered five million views to a viral branded content campaign which helped substantially changed brand perceptions for Jaguar:

I created half a million organic video views in 48 hours of the Attitude Awards, upscaling video content releases from the awards and live streaming it for the first time ever:

I filmed the LGBTQ Slang Challenge series that went on to deliver organic 700K views in its first season, released by the end of the year:

This all set the basis of my video and audio strategy at Attitude, which is focused on:

  • Building a YouTube audience, whilst utilizing the same assets to enhance social media engagement
  • Making only content formats that have the possibility of monetization – either from the get-go, dynamic or in future sponsorships
  • For content to be released in a way that creates habits about seeking out the Attitude brand, in order to later capitalize on audience growth that can be utlilized in magazine marketing and sales strategies
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