Ode to a Bolanite: 35th Anniversary Marc Bolan Mini Site

I was inspired to build this site after one short chat about Marc Bolan at a New Years Eve party. After much time and effort Presenter Jamie was turned into a ‘Bolanite’ high on T.Rextasy just like his friend Dan Physick who embedded the first T.Rex spark. The first 10 minutes of this podcast was created as a university graded project but with all the content gathered and all the intrigue around this subject 10 minutes wasn’t really enough. Nor was an hour, truth be told. But that does mean, so long as we did it justice, we can return and Dedicate even more of our airplay to Mr Marc Bolan.

I hope that this podcast is a great go between for hardcore fans and people who have no idea that T.Rex released more than I Love To Boogie. Hopefully it will, if not take new listeners on the entire journey, but inspire the same journey of exploration as it did in presenter Jamie who until new years eve was one of those people who went, Marc Bolan. Who? No more.

Check it out in its full glory here.

Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 5.11.41 PM

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