Pink Lady Apples Digital Pride Video

Director – Head of Broadcast, Gay Star News

Pink Lady® UK commissioned Gay Star News and dance company Unapologetic UK to create a dance for our Digital Pride Festival.

Do you feel lonely, even in a crowd?

In this beautiful gay same-sex choreography and dance music video, the couple behind dance studio Unapologetic UK tells an inspiring story about loneliness and isolation for Pink Lady® UK and Digital Pride; The online pride movement by Gay Star News.

Loneliness happens to everyone. But when you find that friend, family member, or a loved one that can make it better, you’ll never feel quite so happy.

That is the theme of Gay Star News’ official dance video for Digital Pride 2019. The beautiful moving video is released today (29 April) in time for Digital Pride week.

It takes place on Gay Star News from 29 April to 5 May 2019, culminating on #DigitalPride day on 3 May, 2019.

Kimberley Collins, who is bi, and Molly McGibbons, who is lesbian, are a same-sex couple who star in the video.

‘We were both very flattered and very overwhelmed that we had been asked,’ Collins said.

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