Production Manager

Leading the Gay Star News video and event production. During this role primarily I was directing and producing the majority of both our editorial and creative partnerships sponsored video content. I also guided our video strategy. I was also tasked with coordinating our Digital Pride festival, a content series which runs for a week alongside live events, traditional display, and marketing activations.

During this time I produced a video series for our ‘Founders’ series celebrating LGBTI people over the age of 50:

I arranged for 10 different trans people to come to a drop in all day shoot to disucss different aspects of being trans+ at a Brighton hotel:

To show the power of one of our most important marketing activations, where Gay Star News gives out ‘Pride Bags’ with sponsored content inside at Prides across the UK. I created a story around giving away the bags with this video to activate this marketing online, and for the creative partnerships to use in later sales.

I used hidden cameras and surprised my boyfriend with a matching outfit for Glasgow Pride. We recorded voxpops as we gave out bags to those at the event:

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