#QueerAF podcast

The #QueerAF podcast’s mission is simple – the keep the National Student Pride conversation going all year round, by giving students, graduate and LGBT+ producers paid production work to create the show.

I run the British Podcast Awards recognized social enterprise, now entering its fourth season.

We commission and pay young LGBT+ students, graduate, and reporters. Signposted by industry leaders and projects like Acast’s ‘Aclass,’ we give under-represented queer voices into audio and podcasts.

Pro-bono – I mentor reporters through pitch, production, and distribution of our sound-designed storytelling podcast.

In 2019, the show was nominated for a British Podcast Award in the ‘Sex and Relationships’ category.

Looking to listen?

Listen: https://play.acast.com/s/studentpride
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/3wiN3JZBJ2uqcg3R0OQDqP?si=nl939Y98QauoEzakK4a57Q
Subscribe: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/queeraf-by-national-student-pride/id1126301158?mt=2

Why I created this show

For three seasons, we have used money gained through sponsorship of National Student Pride and in-read sales I’ve brough in, to pay LGBT+ producers many who are still studying or are looking for their first jobs in the industry.

I am the executive producer and host on each show. I do this pro-bono whilst mentoring, managing the budget and commissioning student reporters and producer to make and edit the show.

Though I host the start, the student reporter has the majority of the airtime, in a format, you’ll recognize from Roman Mars and the 99% Invisible show.

Our biggest success is Sean, who shared his personal and difficult story of overcoming his struggle with his internalized homophobia.

Over the course of several months, he attended interviews and counseling sessions, overcoming his fear of going to pride festivals and attended National Student Pride – recording his journey each step of the way. He went on to use the show in his portfolio to get a producer job at the BBC.

Sean’s story is the reason I give so much time to this passion project. It’s about giving LGBT+ producers the energy and funds to tell their own stories in the hope we can empower their careers where they can go on to tell more inspiring LGBT+ stories.

The podcast is highly produced and has a storytelling format similar to WNYC’s Nancy and Radiotopia’s 99% Invisible.

BBC Broadcaster Evan Davis guest hosts the show at the annual live edition of the show at National Student Pride and has also joined the show as a guest where he told the live #QueerAF audience how much a fan he is of the project.

This year at National Student Pride he hosted an edition with Ian McKellen, the interview was discussed by the global press from Fox News, USA Today, the UK, Indian and European top tiers due to McKellen’s comments on the #MeToo movement. Davis has previously interviewed Years and Years singer Olly Alexander and Presenter, Celebrity Big Brother winner and Ru Paul Drag Race star Courtney Act for the podcast.

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