Radio Twenty

I created this website using the WordPress content management system for our final major project at University.

Tasked with creating a pop up station, with three weeks to prepare and three weeks to broadcast.

We were live Every Tuesday 12-3pm in October. However, i successfully kept the brand alive 24/7 all month by creating a magazine style website, that was fully integrated into a more informational styled website. It combined the two styles so it would provide a space for the Radio station to sell itself, but also to grow and expand beyond the airwaves. As a team we wrote blogs, articles and uploaded bonus audio and video content which was carefully scheduled and published throughout the week.

The site was fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter, so everything that was published on the site – automatically got bounced out to all of our social media feeds. I used Facebook and Google analytics to choose when to publish the different types of content to maximize their share-ability and readers. The success of this combination was shown that nearly 50% of people who visited the website the site had done so after organically shared links on Facebook. Which in turn also increased our listening figures.

Some comments on the websites from our markers on the project:

“This has been a great creation and contributed a lot to the success of the station. It has rich and varied content and, along with the use of social media outlets, does a lot to reinforce the brand.”

“Not only is it well designed and easy to navigate, it hosts a terrific amount of content, so it adds value to the on air output. It also provides a good means of audience interaction, in conjunction with other social media outlets”

“I’m particularly impressed with the sheer range and richness of the content – text, audio, video and advertising – which greatly enhances the brand that you’ve all created.”

“I was also impressed with the way you actively used the website to monitor activity, such as identifying the busiest days for visitors (thus working out when to publish content) and which social media platforms drove visitors to the site too.”

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