SU2C Podcast Producer and Reporter

Producer at audio platform and production company, audioBoom one of my clients was Cancer Research’s Stand Up To Cancer brand.

Since Stand Up To Cancer launched in the USA, it’s become a worldwide brand that now in partnership with Channel 4’s live telethon raises millions for global translational research.

AudioBoom’s challenge was to take the otherwise comedic nature of the brand, used to engage young audiences on TV and YouTube – and explain the important science all this fundraising is enabling.

Combining a Radio 1 Newsbeat documentary style, with Radio lab elements – we created an evergreen series of ten, combining a mixture of scientists and those directly affected by cancer into a series that can be used by Stand Up To Cancer to keep their conversation going after their live telethon event.

As a producer and reporter on the series, arrange guests, editing shows and producing record days – I’m particularly proud of Episode 6 on Taboo cancer. This episode highlights how we brought together music, actuality and sound effects – mixed binaurally to create an immersive documentary for Stand Up To Cancer.

This episode meets two scientists, one who treats rare cancer in the Penis and another whose incredibly targeted Radiotherapy trial, described as a theatre with a 360 degree view in this episode is dramatically changing the way cancer is treated. I also spoke to Neil about his brave and frank account of surviving penis cancer:

Though I acted as producer across the whole series, taking a lead role in managing the client relationship, scripting, producing records and championing the series – my edits are EP 4 Kirstie Allsop, EP 5 Pancreatic Cancer, EP 6 Taboo Cancer and EP 9 with SU2C Director Claire Rowney.

Presenters: Kirstie Allsop, Sam Godfrey
Producers: Jamie Wareham, Karen Bevan
Executive Producer: Dan Quick
Overseeing Production: AudioBoom’s Head of Production David Marsland, Head of Global Content Ruth Fitzsimons

Listen to the whole series:

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