Most Dedicated Volunteer

Westminster Active Student Award
Most Dedicated Volunteer

Awarded by the Vice-Chancellor

The award is part of the Career Development Centre’s inaugural celebration evening that honours the highest achievers of ‘Westminster Plus’, what students gain on top of their degree during their time at University. Find out about the award

The Winner
This year’s sole winner of the prestigious Westminster Active Student Award is Mr. Jamie Wareham, 3rd Year, Radio Production student from the Faculty of Media, Art and Design.

Jamie’s volunteering profile
Jamie is one of our most dedicated volunteers at Westminster. A 3rd Year, Radio Production student from the Faculty of Media, Art and Design, he is a passionate and dedicated campaigner for the LGBT community at Westminster. Through his involvement with Smoke Radio and the LGBT society, he has played a key role in raising awareness and the need for improved welfare support from the Student Union and the University for our LGBT students. Thanks to his efforts, the Student Union has started a Diversity Forum, created a discrimination reporting system and strengthened its bye-laws and disciplinary procedures. However, his contributions did not stop there; he was also part of this year’s National Student Pride where he was key to the success of the live-broadcast of the event in London and acted as the main conduit between the organising committee, the SU and the University. His radio show on Smoke Radio, ‘Punk and Politics’ has championed all of these ideals and has become the longest running show on the station.

Why only one Awardee this year?
The Panel took the unprecedented decision to only offer one award this year, because of Mr. Jamie’s peerless accomplishments and standing out heads and shoulders above all other submissions.”

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