What is Pain?

For my final audio project on my BA Radio Production degree we were tasked with creating a 15 minute audio piece. We were challenged with trying to ‘surprise’ our tutor who, formerly at BBC R3 is a fan of the experimental documentary series ‘Between the Ears’. This was a chance to flex our audio muscles, as she put it.

Having had a tough time with my health I decided to put me in the story and re-discover my understanding of pain. Having learned a lot in the year running up to the piece after quitting painkillers despite being a persistent pain sufferer.

The piece was designed with a specific podcast audience in mind like the ‘Airing Pain’ series by pain concern.

what is pain mini siteThe piece came with a full documentation set, here is the provided cue & back announcement:

What is Pain/15 Minute Feature
01/02/14 Jamie Wareham

Have you ever considered that the pain you get when you stub your toe, is actually doing you a favour? Pain is actually there to protect you. But what happens when it goes wrong? Jamie Wareham’s gut twisted 4 years ago and he now suffers daily persistent pain. Last year he stopped using painkillers to manage his pain and instead relies on mindfulness. Here he reflects upon his journey to find out why we need pain and what happens when the pain system goes wrong.


IN: Ethereal sounds – “Pain is danger, pain is fear…”
OUT: “…and although I can’t turn it off, now I can turn it down.”
DUR: 14’47”

BACK: And remember although we believe all of what is said in our podcasts is backed by the best knowledge available at the time of publishing, you should always seek the advice of your specialist consultants or health practitioners before acting on any information. Only your doctors can understand your situation and advise on the right course of action for you.

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