Interview: The man behind Kenya’s anti-gay, anti-Obama naked protest

First appeared on – Attitude Magazine Website

During US President Barack Obama’s official visit to Kenya this week, he’ll be confronted with 5000 naked men and women from the country’s ultra-conservative Republican Liberty party, who are planning on stripping to show him the difference between the sexes in protest at his “open and aggressive support for homosexuality.” Homosexuality is currently illegal in Kenya, with acts carrying a prison sentence of up to 14 years.

In a fascinating new interview, Jamie Wareham has spoken to the party’s leader, Vincent Kidaha, about the planned protest – and challenges him about why he thinks homosexuals should be stoned to death, and what he’d do if a member of his own family was gay. It’s an uncomfortable, but vital, encounter…

When you speak to a notoriously homophobic anti-gay political party leader, who says “I don’t want to ban gay people”, a flicker of hope lights up in your heart. The trouble with Vincent Kidaha is that he followed this up by saying, “they should be stoned instead”.

When President Obama visits Kenya later this week, he’ll be faced by Mr Kidaha and 5000 naked protesters who are unhappy with the president’s “aggressive attempts to bring in gay marriage” to the United States, which following a recent Supreme Court ruling, has now happened.

Vincent – the leader of Kenya’s Republican Liberty Party – says they are stripping bare to show Obama “there is a difference between a man and a woman” and argues Obama’s views on being gay are putting “African family values at risk”.

But it’s not just values at risk. Mr Kidaha also believes gays are bad for the environment – or “destructive”, to be specific. For him, it is down to conserving and protecting African culture and family values.


Vincent Kidaha (Image: Nairobi News)

It may not surprise you that I was a tad sceptical of his plans. Continue reading