Week 2 – Audio Slideshows #AOM2013

So far at every masterclass or industry led lectures, everyone has spoke about the importance of being able to do ‘everything’. Having dabbled in web design and enjoying new and interesting ways to share hopefully this module will open my eyes to even more.

We looked at Audio Slideshows this week. I’ve been interested in the conceptĀ  since it was mentioned in a radio lecture last year, but never enough to go looking for one. We looked at several in class and I enjoy the focus to the moments captured they bring.

Orignally from http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2009/01/31/fashion/20090131-street-feature/index.html

Orignally from http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2009/01/31/fashion/20090131-street-feature/index.html

One particularly enjoyable, if not 30 seconds to long, was a New York Times (NYT) Fashion Journalist’s where he spoke over a collection of pictures taken on 5th avenue of workers, tourists and city goers ‘Jumping’ the massive puddles where the snow has melted between the side walks and the relative safety of the elevated roads. I enjoyed it as the speaker was so enthusiastic and descriptive which made the pictures come to life.

I enjoyed the NYT’s slide show of busking on the subway; the best ‘word’ to ‘picture’ that was used for me was when he was speaking about enjoying and we saw someone with a wonderful natural smile.

The best out of what we watched was the story of the school, the reason being I felt like it told a story that had the right balance of shock to draw you in, human interest for you to care, perspective from different players and a hopeful ending.

The concept that excited me most, the one from this session that I’d most likely to pursue for my project was the sound scape idea. We looked at a poorly recorded Alexander McQueen show on the Guardian website. I can imagine doing this backstage at a theatre or a gig. What I’d do differently however is either have a lead narrator or include lots of small specifically caught audio clips of people talking about what they were feeling too before ending as they did with a show of them on stage.

I learned that audio slide shows need to have any and all radio elements applied as well as photography, it’s all well and good having some good photos if you have a dull speaker; Wildtrack is key here too. They are good for

  • Photo Journalism
  • Lists
  • Top Tens
  • Strong Characters
  • Colour Piece/Flavour of an Event

I also have understood that the reason black and white imagery is used is to focus the viewer’s attention on whats actually going on, to focus the attention and it does this because it takes away information and therefore requires more concentration.