Photo Journalism #AOM2013

Photo Journalism must be more than just about what you can see. Your audience needs to get a grip of everything outside the frame too. The trick is showing whats outside the frame, in the frame and if not working out the best way to frame and conceptualize the picture. One way to do this of course is using a caption. Ben Edwards, leading the sessions said on our projects we should remember these key things

  • The Photo is a Product of an Idea
  • The Content of the Photo needs reasearch
  • Pick something within your reach (Just with any style of Journalism)

The birth of what we class as modern day photo journalism came about then the miniature camera was first used. An early use of storytelling with photos is Robert Frank’s ‘The Americans’ which as his view of America as a Swiss ‘Alien’. This changed just covering events and opened up the avenue of portraying a feeling about something.

Coding is all about the way the photo is treated on the eyes. Some of the examples given were:

  • Colour
  •  – Red, White & Blue photos – Search for these (someone shooting America)
  • – Light and Dark – could represent heat
  • Claustrophobia – Rebekah Brooks full face and hair being cropped so it didn’t all fit in

The most important thing, is do everything for a reason, do it to contextualize.