Why won’t UWSU be So Fresh ‘N’ So Clean anymore?

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Abuse of Power at UWSU

Former VP uses students union at University of Westminster to build a company and pocket profits

As a student, you might expect part of your £9000 fees, which fund your student union, to be spent diligently and with good intent. However it seems the University of Westminster Student Union (UWSU) has been through a period that this has not happened. UWSU recently announced its events company, So Fresh ‘N’ So Clean (SFnSC) was going it alone. They have split from the union and are setting up the operation up as an independent company. Latest figures show that the operation lost £100,000 from the union’s broader £500,000 deficit. The split means that even if the events company now begins to make a profit, UWSU will not benefit from this.

Thus any future profits the SFnSC company makes will no longer be going back into the UWSU. However the figures and sources at the student union have said there were problems with the operation, and union’s relationship. They also suggested that there were problems with the finances, so were So Fresh’s profits ever going back to the union? Continue reading