Pick Up Time

Literally. Who’d have thought it would take me to walking into the kitchen to get my food, in hospital, to get a substantial HOT meal. Well Pictures in this case say more than words.

It dumbfounds me how the food was not only hot, but looks appealing, nutritious and well presented.

I was only able to pick food up in the evening, and every night it was of good quality. And yet, at lunch on the ward I received the same standard as before, but When I picked up the food and came face to face with the chef. It was fine. What is it about that journey that changes the food I was presented with? Some sort of Time Warp…


But that’s not quite the end of the story. I have about a week left and there are a few more revelations to come. Check back after the weekend to see if I get the ever forgiving ‘Decent’ meal on the ward.