Neil Wallis: The Leveson report

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Through the course of his career he has been shot at, arrested and had the nation at his front door during the phone hacking scandal. But Neil Wallis, former Deputy Editor at the News of the World started his guest lecture at the University of Westminster with this line:

“Don’t ever doubt, this is the greatest career”

Our parliament is currently considering and weaving its way around the Leveson Report. Something many of us have heard of, but a report, its fair to say, most of us can’t even begin to understand.

Neil Wallis came to the University of Westminster to discuss with students what the Leveson Report will actually mean for the press, journalists and the common citizen. On the whole, he doesn’t agree with plans that Leveson has set out. He pointed out that the laws being introduced following Leveson had become more than just a ‘complaints’ system underpinned by the statute (law) . His argument is that the government is trying to interfere with free press. Continue reading