Are Fish Farts directly linked to the State of Investigative Journalism, Quite Possibly?

Patience, do you have it? Will you even make it to the bottom of this article? Challenge yourself, because our attention spans are getting shorter. Chances are you might not even make it to the bottom of the next paragraph. However, when your brain is posed with the proverbial question. Do fish fart? It’s got to be worth reading to find out and what on earth the answer that has got to do with investigative journalism; surely?

Investigative journalism requires vast amounts of perseverance. Not only from the journalist, who has to dare click beyond the second page of the Google search results. But nowadays, the reader also needs to be enticed and immersed enough to scroll past the landing screen. Scroll being the crucial term, that all of journalism has to contend with in the information age.

Just this week new data reported by the BBC has shown that the ever-familiar trend in the Scottish media from print to online reading is continuing to chimes with worldwide trends. Research by Pew Internet Study seems to suggest, as our move from print to screen increases, our attention spans decrease. The wealth of content online means content providers and news organisations need to do more to attract their audiences, in order to try and revitalise their declining profits. Continue reading