Pick Up Time

Literally. Who’d have thought it would take me to walking into the kitchen to get my food, in hospital, to get a substantial HOT meal. Well Pictures in this case say more than words.

It dumbfounds me how the food was not only hot, but looks appealing, nutritious and well presented.

I was only able to pick food up in the evening, and every night it was of good quality. And yet, at lunch on the ward I received the same standard as before, but When I picked up the food and came face to face with the chef. It was fine. What is it about that journey that changes the food I was presented with? Some sort of Time Warp…


But that’s not quite the end of the story. I have about a week left and there are a few more revelations to come. Check back after the weekend to see if I get the ever forgiving ‘Decent’ meal on the ward.

And then there was the Bonus Mash Potato

So its just over a week and a half in a stuffy, uncomfortable hospital ward. But thankfully, I’m feeling well enough to walk about and escape the ward. Unfortunately this minor relief doesn’t quite make the food situation any better. I’ve made the same complaint about the food, quite angrily nearly every day for the last week and a half, but I’ve been particularly persistent the last three days. Then I receive this:

2013-01-19 13.04.172013-01-19 13.02.26Yum, literally last nights left over pasta (I recognize from seeing in the staff canteen the previous night) & spaghetti hoops with what I can only presume was bonus mash potato.


So I reach my limit. There simply MUST be something they can do, or offer me thats better than this? No they keep saying. This is it. There are only so many times you can say the same thing to the dietician and ward staff.

But I know there are other options. On my casual strolls around Southampton General I find the Spice of Life staff and visitor canteen. Its owned by the same company, medirest, and yes they serve steamplicity food. However, they also serve food hot. And the canteen, shares their kitchen space with the ‘Diet Bay’ where my IFD[foot]Intestinal Failure Diet[/foot] menu is cooked.

So far the defence for my food being cold is, its brought up straight away. We can’t bring it up any faster – thats why its cold. (As if this is ok?) So I decide to take the initiative and as the old saying goes. If the Hot Potato won’t come to Jamie, Jamie will go to the Hot Potato. I arrange to go and pick my meals up from the kitchen – and remove the transport element. If they cant get hot food to me, i’ll just go pick up the hot food.

See just how drastically this improves my food when I pick up my first evening meal directly from the chefs hands tomorrow.