Blogs projects need to be distinctive to the blog forum, it’s no good just doing a series of things that could be printed.

Deep, Personal, Immediate, Conversational, Two way? Informal, Open ended, Networked, Using Links, Hyperlinks to references, Bouncing off other sites, Shorter, Punchier style, No Space constraint, Can cultivate a specialist audience, Don’t have o compromise niche content, Can have confessional approach, Distinctive subjects, Can assume some prior knowledge (Or fill in the gaps with links), A Blur of Facts and Opinion, You Do everything – Web, Edit + Sub-edit etc, Screen based – Which is harder to do, Inverted Pyramids are good for the screen, Make it easy to can, Work with CMS.

Different Styles

  • Being in the Media Flow – This is for Responding Quickly to stories, Something Breaks you respond to it. You become an aggregating and curating of stories. These are about News updates
  • Comment/Opinion – Is the story, with opinion
  • Media Filtering – Lots of Links
  • Media Critique – Links to material being reviews, how good is the other content, why is it bad?
  • Reviews/Previews

Pro Bloggers came up with these:

  • The Blockquote Samdwich – Intro, Quote, analysis, Closing Quip
  • The Reblog – writing what someone else has said, fine as long as you link
  • Fisking – (Robert Fisk) Taking apart a post you disagree with, line by line – Developed by Right wing bloggers who disliked his coverage on the war on terror The Snark – Sarcastic, ironic Rant where you can be unbalanced
  • The Look at me – Trolling for traffic, Mail online?
  • Press Release Post – Condensed version with some fresh reporting
  • The Top Ten – Durr

But Mainstream blogging isn’t the only way, these were generally tied with filling and being in the media flow. There are ways to step back and add wider context. You can focus on shedding light rather than getting the speed right, whats important is in-depth knowledge. It essentially gives you a chance to bring something new that’s critical and actually understands whats happening.

Think about Insider blogs, to take you into a subculture or maybe a particular place. There used to be a big thing about inside anonymous workplace blogs (Belle de Jour). If you don’t have access we can use Sources instead, written by police officers, diplomats, scientists, doctors.

Picture blogs, mainly driven by obviously the picture, are better and enjoyable when they come with comment too. However, this all depends on someone having a creative eye. Street style blogs, Urban Life, Oddities, Eccentricities are good but only if you find something distinctive. This works with Tumblrs too if you find a single joke and do it with memes and gifs they can have some length in them. Whats important about Tumblr is that they have a social side too.

But there is also the longer quest, and investigation into a person, place theme or idea. The approach here is to find something people will find addictive and iterative to build your story gradually with short posts to involve people in your quest. The idea is a behind the scenes of the story, all the bits the stuff the articles in newspapers don’t do, about the process of how the story came about. This leads on quite well to challenge Journalism. Setting yourself a limitation, doing something to excess, give something up, learning something new in a set period of time. The sort of stories that provoke action and jeopardy personalize and humanize the story that will allow you to then talk about the wider concept and comment on that.

So to mix this all into one. It’s important to work out a schedule, the context and strategy mix, social strategy and most importantly What is the Larger Story?