We’ve come a long way from when search engines just used to list sites that contained your keywords in their title. Google has such a complex algorithm it works out the best hit on so many factors including, keywords, tags, URL, description, relevance, and so much more.

Website Feedback is really important and not even just polls, everything you do and how you use a site can be monitored. Google logs how long you spend on a page, the number of time it is shared, returning viewers, feedback, discussions, links to and from the page. It also looks at the structure of the site, page design and multimedia elements.

Interestingly, iFrames are largely ignored so its important to but text about that video nearby so it can pick up on that instead.

SEO is all about interaction, between humans and computers, computers and computers, human and humans via computer programmes. If there is good interaction between you and the website, that is engaging and interesting it is going to keep you there and take your page up the SEO ranking which puts you higher up in searches. There is no point in just getting clicks, they are unimportant – its what people do next. If they quickly click off, people will lose trust in your site and not return – A lost clicker, is forever lost.

(The keyword is the main focus of the page/website)

  • Get the keyword in the first 4 words
  • Repeat the keyword enough (But not over-intentionally)
  • Get the Keyword in <H1>
  • Keyword in the Meta Description
  • Enter tags on everything, add descriptions to images, alternate texts
  • Make sure any outward links are relevant to the keyword

Other ways to promote your site are on social media. Ingrained in Google’s algorithm is how much your site is shared, linked to and indeed what accounts are linked to your website. How many people ‘Like’ and ‘Tweet’ about your site will build into your SEO score. Sitemaps.org is a good tool to get your site structure submitted to search engines.

But What are your keywords?

What is important to people is different to what you might type in your description and keyword box. Use tools like Google ad words to find out what words you should put in your meta box. There are plenty of tools to find out your SEO score one suggested in the lecture was seomoz.org which is free for a month.