City A.M. Unregulated




City A.M., for Audioboom




London, UK

Podcast producer: Season 1, Episodes 1-63

As a producer at audio platform and production company audioBoom, I led the production and audience development of the City A.M. Unregulated Podcast.


Producer of the show’s weekly releases for 63 episodes, I led the audience development of the podcast, advising the paper’s Digital Editor how to make the most of their asset.


Working with the Digital Editor of City A.M. during my time with the podcast, Emma Hasslet, we embedded it not only into the City A.M. site with its own podcast section – but into the weekly cycle of the newspaper with regular news lines and full-page adverts for the show.


It began as a weekly news discussion show, but during my time producing the show, I led us towards a career and professional development podcast to grow its evergreen ability to attract listeners. Stand out episodes include:


“There’s no way we could ever have done a podcast without Jamie . The sheer time and effort it takes to put together a decent show would be a full-time job – Jamie and audioBoom’s professional knowledge of audio equipment and software means our podcasts sound way more professional than we ever could have made them. Being part of the audioBoom community rather than going it alone has also allowed us to collaborate with other podcasts such as Marketing Mind, which has given us exposure to a whole new audience – and allowed me to have a first-hand view of how others do it. Thanks audioBoom team!”

Emma Haslett, podcast host and Digital Editor of City A.M.