History Of The Internet




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Producer, presenter

The History of the Internet is a four-part podcast documentary series I created, presented and produced.


It is an exploration of the trends that started online – that now dominate how we carry out our day-to-day lives.


From hashtags to memes, this series explores the cultural phenomenon that has given us a new way to grasp and move through the ever-complicated world we live in. Listen from the start to hear the evolution hashtags, what makes stories go viral and even how the Internet of Things (whether your Wi-Fi kettle or contactless card) will change how you lead your life.


With voices including Chris Messina, who ‘invented’ the hashtag; Kevin Ashton, who coined the Internet of Things as well as an array of social media influencers, CEOs, and even the people behind the internet trends themselves, like ‘Dancing Man Sean’, the mum whose son came home to vote to find rainbows everywhere and even ‘Bad Luck Brian’ himself.


The timely podcast, released just before the tenth anniversary of the hashtag, topped the iTunes charts in Tech and Gadgets.