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Dec, 2019



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Life with HIV has changed: But the stigma hasn’t| World Aids Day 2019


Released to mark World Aids Day, this video showed that although the virus is less and less considered as a death sentence, the stigma around HIV is still rife in both the LGBTQ community and others.


HIV affects people of all sexual orientations and genders – and with the right treatment, which must be taken daily and forever, it is possible to live a long life.


In our new video, Attitude sits down with a number of well-known HIV activists – including Rebecca de Havilland, Ian Green from the Terrence Higgins Trust, and Reverend Jide Macaulay – about living with the virus and what can be done to stop the stigma around HIV.

The video also speaks to Jonathon Blake, whose story was made famous by the film Pride as a founding member of LGSM. Though it’s impossible to say for sure, he was one of the first people to be officially diagnosed in London, UK, in October 1982. Over the last four decades, so much about HIV has changed. But the stigma surrounding the virus hasn’t. It’s time to challenge that and ensure everyone understands that you can’t pass it on if you are undetectable.


For #WorldAidsDay, Attitude partnered with the Terrence Higgins Trust to ask whether, with stars like Gareth Thomas coming out, we are reaching a watershed moment for talking about HIV.


Speaking about the collaboration, Liam Beattie from THT says: “For the past four decades, LGBTQ people have been at the forefront of HIV activism, challenging misinformation and demanding progress. Working with Attitude to celebrate the huge advances in HIV through the stories of four people living with HIV will take us a big step forward in ending HIV stigma.”



Director: Jamie Wareham, Attitude

Director of Photography: Markus Bidaux,

Editor: John Reavy