Kris: The Power Of Support


Video, Documentary


Npower, for Gay Star News




Hereford, UK

Director of short documentary for Npower and Gay Star News

We all need it – but what is the power of support?

Kris Saunders Stowe was at rock bottom until he found a support network, that for the first time, allowed him to find empowerment in his disability.


Kris has osteoarthritis, a condition which breaks down the cartilage in his joints. Now it’s his mission to inspire others to find the same, regardless of their sexuality or ability, so they too can enjoy the liberation of accepting their disability.


Kris does this by taking his all-access, disability-friendly fitness class on their toughest journey yet. The superhero series is a multi-sport para-triathlon that will show you, and the world, the strength, and ability of the community Kris have built around him.


This documentary follows Kris and his husband as they prepare with the participants of their Wheely Fitness Class to go to the Superhero Paratri.

Growing up in Basingstoke in the UK, struggling with being gay as a kid – I am passionate about the power of LGBT+ story’s abilities to give young queer and beyond-the-binary youth a sign in our confusing world they are OK.

Hit with major health difficulties aged 17, I now live with hidden disabilities and long term conditions. It has left me keen to tell stories about people with disabilities whether they are hidden, physical or mental health.

Kris’s story is empowering and inspiring. As someone with chronic pain and other hidden disabilities, Kris helped me, as he helps those we follow in this documentary, come to terms with the way I feel and talk about my own disabilities.

I’m very proud for this to be my directorial debut for a video documentary short.